PCO Licence
Want to become a minicab driver in London?

If you want to drive a minicab in London then you will need to apply for your PCO Licence which is a relatively easy process for what is an enjoyable and rewarding job.

If you enjoy driving, meeting new people, and getting out of the office, then becoming a minicab driver could be the job for you.

As a licensed minicab/private vehicle hire driver you can have the freedom to work when you wish and this is what attracts most people to this job.  People need to get minicabs at all times of the day and so your hours can be flexible around your needs. This flexibility affords the opportunity to have a worthwhile career to meet your own personal circumstances and requirements.


The Public Carriage Office (PCO) is responsible for administering the licensing of taxis and private hire services in London and acts on behalf of Transport for London, the Licensing Authority. Whilst encouraging the provision of high quality services, the Licensing Authority’s overriding consideration is the safety of the travelling public. In seeking to provide safe services, drivers of both taxis and private hire vehicles must meet five basic requirements:

  • Age
  • Character
  • Medical fitness
  • Route finding skills
  • Driving ability

If you think you have what it takes then send off for your PCO Licence Application today!image

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